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How we power your success.

Put an agile team in your corner. Get energy reliability, low cost and local control. Our proven sequence of services distills the complex into the simple. We're here to help. Step by step. Here's how.

  • System Design

    Expect solutions 100% customized for your site and corporate goals. Advanced tools + genius options rethink your energy. And transform your business. Mission: Possible.

  • Development

    From permits and interconnection to land usage and beyond, get the whole nine yards. Done-for-you service creates value-generating assets.

  • Financing

    Let's monetize your tax credits, leverage our rock-solid banking relationships, and finance your equipment. You can take that to the bank.

  • Maintenance

    Get end-to-end care. We monitor, service and smart-clean your system so it runs like a champ. Today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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Pacifico Power helps you succeed in becoming energy independent.

We provide a variety of energy services and products, for a variety of clients. You choose, you're in control.

Fuel Cell
Battery Energy Storage
Combined Heat and Power Generator
Uninterruptable Power Supply
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The current investment tax credit (ITC) is 26%.

Solar economics and you: hello blue skies,
goodbye rate hikes.

Solar is a force of nature. Don't miss
another day of serious savings.
Who doesn't want more cash, right? Let's go.

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Top-tier tools transform your bottom line. Now, that's power.

Get ready to save on the regular. Better data = better solutions. And the best technology delivers the best assessment. Let our seriously smart experts review your Detailed Assessment with you to plan what's next. We're here for you all the way.


A reliable assessment of the energy options for your business requires details about how and when you use energy.

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